Staright Soul, Roxane Soogree

It took years to recover and at some point I tried Reiki treatments. My Reiki practitioner recognized my potential and recommended that I get my Reiki certification. But as a stubborn and free will person I chose to ignore this good advice. Obviously having an accident that significant was not a clear message to me...

As a natural intuitive, I chose to walk away and pursue a career in the Arts. Working as a fine art artist, a theatre technician and mainly a physical special effects technician. I always instinctively new or saw something coming. I quite often chose to ignore it. One day at work I had an accident, this sent me spiralling down the darkest path I could find.

A couple of years went by and I found myself in the Emergency Room with a loved one. The prognosis was bad. I was beyond myself. He was very sick and dying, it was just a matter of time. He made me promise to do my Reiki certification stating “it will bring you to where you need to be.” I made the promise.

Two months after his death I did my first level of Usui Holographic Reiki, I quickly went through to my master level, while completing different types of Reiki. I was determined to get my Karuna Reiki master. Which I did; still something was missing. I felt stuck in a rut.

My Journey

I knew instinctively that I should go to Glastonbury/Stonehenge to get the Karuna Holy Fire II ® taught by the master himself William Lee Rand. I went in the summer of 2017, it was an amazingly mystical experience. Upon my return I could see those vicious cycles that kept me in a rut, these cycles that I tried to break free from. I had been doing all this healing over the past few years and stepped onto my Spiritual path. Things were coming up left right and centre. And then one day in my inbox I had an email that I thought was junk and I was about to delete it, but something made me curious and I looked at it. It was from a women named Andrea Hess creator of the healing modality Soul Realignment ®, it was all about clearing these negative karmic cycles. I registered to her Level One class after which I decided to follow her Soul Realignment ® Apprenticeships program. Which I have completed successfully.

I kept my promise and it did bring me to where I needed to be.